Apparently I’m Not the Only One.

There were several people who didn’t notice the doe in the Browning logo in my previous post.

I guess a larger image would have helped.

There she is!



~ by Salamander on April 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Apparently I’m Not the Only One.”

  1. OH! NOW I SEE IT!

  2. i think this is cool. my dad shoots a bar and i thought that it was just a buck until one day he took his gun out and showed it to me. i also think that a lot of people do not see the doe inside the buck but the ones who do and don’t get why here is the reason why. the male is supposed to look over the female in the true american family. this logo shows the true american heritage from back in the good ole days. Daniel Tompkins, crisp, NC- 15

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