I’ve Moved

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I’ve moved from https://salamandertales.wordpress.com/

to http://armedandamphibious.wordpress.com/

Please update any bookmarks, feeds, etc.

Thank You.

Goodnight Forest Moon

•March 10, 2010 • 2 Comments

Goodnight Moon set in the Star Wars universe!

Instructions for assembling the book.

It’s Free!

via Neatorama

Happy 70th Birthday, Chuck!

•March 10, 2010 • 1 Comment

Chuck Norris is 70 today.

Here are a few real facts about the actor/martial arts expert in honor of his big day.

1. Chuck Norris’ real name? That would be Carlos Ray Norris. He was born in Ryan, Oklahoma.

2. Chuck got his nickname after he joined the Air Force and was sent to South Korea. There, he began training in the martial arts.  

3. Norris founded his own school of martial art called Chun Kuk Do (“The Universal Way”). Primarily known for its kicking techniques, it mixes elements from various styles.

4. Norris was Steve McQueen‘s karate instructor. McQueen encouraged him to go into acting.

5. Norris’ first acting gig was in a 1969 James Bond spoof starring Dean Martin called The Wrecking Crew. It also featured actress Sharon Tate in one of her last roles before she was murdered.

6. One of Norris’ most famous scenes has to be this fight with Bruce Lee in 1972’s Way of the Dragon. (How awesome is the cat?)

7. There really is a such thing as “Chuck Norris Action Jeans.” Sexy.

8. Norris’ CBS series, Walker, Texas Ranger, ran for 203 episodes. One of its creators was Paul Haggis, who went on to win the Academy Award for Crash.

9. Norris has written several books, including one called Black Belt Patriotism, a novel called The Justice Riders and a self-help guide called The Secret Power Within: Zen Solutions to Real Problems.

10. Chuck Norris is politically conservative and a devout Christian. He writes a weekly column for the website WorldNetDaily. (He also appears on ads for Total Gym equipment.)

via USA Today

Let’s Do This!

•March 10, 2010 • 2 Comments

Another Toyota Prius goes Leroy Jenkins.


Now Available: Blogorado Merchandise

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Ooh! Check This out!

My Blogorado patch on a mug or t-shirt! I know you want one.

FarmGirl has set up a Blogorado Zazzle site featuring Blogorado inspired graphics from Sci-Fi and your’s truly.

Proceeds benefit Blogorado 2010, so the more you buy, the more scrappy nibbles!

Thanks FarmGirl!

In My Pockets – EDC Meme

•February 5, 2010 • 2 Comments

1. 1911 / Galco Royal Guard Holster
2. Spare Magazine
3. Surefire 3P Flashlight
4. Victorinox Swiss Knife
5. Benchmade 942 Osbourne Folder
6. MotoFone
7. Maxpedition Wallet
8. Keys / ASP LED Key Holder
9. iPad
10. Sharpie Fine Point Pen

Copperhead Road – Steve Earle

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Well my name’s john lee pettimore
Same as my daddy and his daddy before
You hardly ever saw grandaddy down here
He only came to town about twice a year
He’d buy a hundred pounds of yeast and some copper line
Everybody knew that he made moonshine
Now the revenue man wanted grandaddy bad
He headed up the holler with everything he had
It’s before my time but i’ve been told
He never came back from copperhead road

Now daddy ran the whiskey in a big block dodge
Bought it at an auction at the mason’s lodge
Johnson county sheriff painted on the side
Just shot a coat of primer then he looked inside
Well him and my uncle tore that engine down
I still remember that rumblin’ sound
Well the sheriff came around in the middle of the night
Heard mama cryin’, knew something wasn’t right
He was headed down to knoxville with the weekly load
You could smell the whiskey burnin’ down copperhead road

I volunteered for the army on my birthday
They draft the white trash first,’round here anyway
I done two tours of duty in vietnam
And i came home with a brand new plan
I take the seed from colombia and mexico
I plant it up the holler down copperhead road
Well the d.e.a.’s got a chopper in the air
I wake up screaming like i’m back over there
I learned a thing or two from ol’ charlie don’t you know
You better stay away from copperhead road

Copperhead road
Copperhead road
Copperhead road

Steve Earle – “Copperhead Road”
Album: Just an American Boy
Label: Artemis Records
Director: Tony Vanden Ende

Buy a Beer Company

•January 15, 2010 • 2 Comments

Pledge as low as five dollars, and if the $300 million bid needed to buy the Pabst Brewing Co. is successful, all those who pitched in will get that amount of money back in beer, as well as a certificate of ownership, and a say in the company’s future.


Been Busy

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Will resume posting soon.

I’ve been busy finishing out the rest of last years crap.

Happy New Years

•December 31, 2009 • 1 Comment

I hope this was a good year for everyone and the next even better!